What was once a $3.5 trillion dollar spending package may now be significantly reduced. Moderate and progressive Democrats continue to work behind the scenes to whittle down the number to something more palatable for both wings of the party. This as the Senate approved transportation bill waits on the sidelines. Democrats are holding out hope that they’ll come to a final agreement next week. But as FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram reminds listeners it’s all about the math.

A new wave of COVID-19 vaccine guidance was released this week. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson joined Pfizer as an FDA panel approved booster shots for American adults over 65, living in long-term care, or with underlying conditions. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration rolled out its plan to begin vaccinating 28 million elementary-aged kids as early as November, should the FDA sign off. Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Dr. Amesh Adalja makes sense of these new recommendations.