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Chris Wallace, Host of Fox News Sunday joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about President Biden’s reluctances to give sit-down one on one interviews with members of the press.

Wallace reacted to Biden’s CNN townhall performance, saying

“Well, I don’t think it’s a big event, but I do have a couple of takeaways and the biggest one, I guess, is. That I just feel that people don’t have confidence. You know, he doesn’t inspire confidence and reassurance that what he says is going to happen and that he’s in in command of the situation. I mean, just give you an example. So there’s talk last night about the supply chain, and he starts talking about the fact well, and I guess Anderson Cooper brings up, well, what about the National Guard? And he said, Yeah, we’re, you know, we’re thinking about this as well. What about truckers? And he goes, Yeah, we’re thinking about that. Well, he isn’t even off the air, and the White House has to do a clean up and say one that if it’s in a state, he can’t now he can’t mobilize the guard that has to be done by governors. And two that, there is no thought of using National Guardsmen. And when you think about it, just it’s preposterous. On its fact.”

President Biden has given a limited number of interviews, Wallace speculated on why, saying

“No, he hasn’t. And there’s a reason, you know, there’s a reason for everything in politics. And the reason is, obviously this is a White House that wants to protect this president and doesn’t have full confidence in his ability to handle those kinds of intense situations where somebody is going to press him.

Wallace added

“You know, incidentally, when we talked after the after the Trump interview in July of 2020, I had was in contact with the Biden campaign and they promised me that he will do an interview with you this summer. And then they didn’t.”

Wallace reacted to the ongoing negotiations between moderate Democrats and the White House on the President’s trillion dollar spending plan, saying

“I just think I’ve been surprised, too. By the way, this has played out. Look, I understand that in a 50 50 Senate that as Joe Biden said yesterday, every senator is a president in the sense that every single one of them can hold us up for whatever it is that they want. I’m just surprised that Biden has played this out so publicly because I think it makes him look weak. You know, as opposed to the president being the closer and you know, I’m going to have my staff deal with all these people.”