On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Joe Concha explained why being the mayor of South Bend, Indiana has in no way prepared Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for the challenges he is facing.

“He went from being the mayor of South Bend, you say, Notre Dame, maybe that’s a big city where Notre Dame plays. And no, I’ve been there, it’s a small Indiana town, and outside of Saturday afternoons, when the Irish are at home, it is a very sleepy, typical, desolate kind of Indiana town. And you say, OK, well, but Buttigieg was a decent presidential candidate, right? And he gave Joe Biden a run for his money in the beginning in Iowa and so on. So then he endorsed Biden, and the way it works in politics is that once you endorse somebody, help him out during the race and maybe he get something in return, in terms of a quid pro quo, a job in the administration. And if they made Pete Buttigieg, ambassador to, just pick any mid-level country here, or you want to put him in Department of Defense, but you don’t make him defense secretary, but just some sort of like cool sounding job that really doesn’t have any kind of consequences ramifications if he screws up. OK, no problem. I get it. And that’s how it works. They made this guy Secretary of Transportation. Secretary of Transportation Jimmy has 60,000 employees, a 100 billion dollar budget. South Bend had one bus station with 60 busses. It has a little train station and a little airport. And that’s it. And you’re going to go from running that city, which you didn’t run too well, by the way, to running this department, sprawling, and you got to fix a supply chain crisis when you’ve never remotely dealt with that in your life. Two people were less qualified for this, Hunter Biden and Alyssa Milano and Milano wasn’t available. She’s got a Hallmark Christmas movie coming up. So that’s what we got going on here at this point. This guy is going to solve this problem? And then I look at the media coverage, it’s ridiculous. Well, how is this being covered? Is he being challenged in any way, shape or form? And every story I see is about he just became a dad, and he’s on maternity leave for several weeks while this crisis is going on. And boy, the challenges of raising twins He’s going to get you out of this the same way Kamala Harris is going to get you out of the border crisis. The people that have been assigned to major crisis in this administration don’t exactly inspire any confidence.”