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Dana Perino, co-anchor of ‘America’s Newsroom’ as well as co-host of ‘The Five’ joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the bizarre video featuring VP Kalama Harris talking with child actors about space.

Dana reacted to the bizarre Kalama Harris space video, saying

“I think that’s the thing that we should all do at this. We just, you just have to laugh. This is. One of my very favorite shows of the last several years as Veep. I recommend it to everybody like this would have happened on Veep, it literally would have happened. And then when the White House responded today, when the vice president’s office responded, their statement was something like, we had no idea that this was happening and we had nothing to do with the child actors. And I said, Oh, don’t worry, we didn’t think you had a clue about any of it. I mean, that is a pattern that we are seeing over and over again. You know, They hired an image consultant to help her seem more relatable. And in order to do that, they had to hire child actors and also guy, you know, that this was all happening. She actually filmed this on the day where Afghanistan was falling apart. I can’t remember the exact date, but it was, yes, one of those days I’m trying to find out my notes right here. Yeah, it’s one of those like, well, like those days where you’re thinking, Oh my gosh, did this, you know, you see everything disintegrating, kids getting kicked out, girls getting kicked out of school, things like that. Right.”

Perino also commented on VP Harris’s inability to be relatable to democratic voters, saying

“This is from Democratic voters that there was an authenticity problem and you saw this over and over again, and they don’t do her any favors as an image consultant saying, Oh, this would might be a really great way to make her seem relatable by hiring child actors and putting her in a position where she’s not comfortable. So what do you get for this? They’re going to put this on a YouTube channel. What voter, exactly? What voter constituency are you going for? What do you actually care about? Do you have any idea what’s going on in this country? Guy, I have to say that I just find it mystifying that somebody who achieves this incredible accomplishment of becoming the first woman vice president is basically not doing anything with the power of the office. And I realize a lot of people might think that whatever she would do on the border might not be what they want, but at least you could admire her for trying. She literally is doing nothing that you can see. There’s nothing tangible, and I think what a waste of an opportunity. And I say that here publicly because I would like to say to her in person. Come on, just do it. Like, for example, when those three guys in the Biden administration went down to Mexico last week to talk about the immigration problem, and she didn’t go, and she’s supposed to be in charge of the issue. There’s no way I would have let them go without me. Heck, no, I would have said, Actually, you guys are invited to ride on my plane and I will be leading the delegation and you can brief me while we are on our way there.”

Dana reacted to President Biden’s lack of interviews and media availability as crisis after crisis mounts, saying

“I think it’s terrible. They might think that it’s helping him, but look at the poll numbers, they’re in freefall. So it seems to me like the White House is floundering and also what happened to return to norms. I thought we were returning to norms and the norms is that the president takes questions from the press. President Trump took questions all the time. And even though the press, the mainstream media really couldn’t stand him, they love the fact that they had access to him. And because they seemed to try to treat President Biden with kid gloves, they’re not complaining about no access. I have to tell you, if I was White House press secretary, I could imagine during the Bush administration if President Bush didn’t take questions for this long on on such an important topic that is of great national interest. I would have heard about it from the White House Correspondents Association. It would have been beating down my door, but also I would have wanted to help provide that. However, I don’t. I just worked for a president who would never want to put me in that position. Right so as much as you think the staff won’t let on the staff, won’t let him look, he’s in charge. He is the commander in chief. He gets to decide.”