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Christopher Rufo, senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the impact of critical race theory is having on the Virginia Governors race.

Rufo refuted McAuliffe’s taking point denying that CRT is taught in Virginia, saying

“McAuliffe’s idea that it’s not taught in Virginia schools is verifiably false. We have records, including actual contract receipts from Loudoun County, Virginia. They actually are paying six hundred and twenty five dollars an hour for consulting. That specifically references critical race theory by name the old. The former superintendent even admitted in an email to parents that the ideology that they’re promoting in Loudoun county are directly aligned with critical race theory. And also in Fairfax County, we have Asian-American parents that are in revolt against changes to the advanced education system, and they argue that with the implementation of critical race theory ideology in Fairfax County schools, they’re now going after merit. They’re going after advanced classes. They’re going after kind of recompose the racial balance of schools to eliminate seats for Asian-Americans who are deemed kind of appresser class or highly privileged class. So we see it in the kind of DC suburbs of Virginia. It’s documented we have actual receipts and contract data. And so McAuliffe is trying to maintain that fiction until he can kind of run out the clock.”