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Jason Rantz, Host of the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle/Tacoma joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss why a high school canceled its 9/11 tribute.

Jason Rantz said,

“So at Eastlake High School, it’s over in Sammamish is about 20 or so minutes from Seattle. They had a football game that was rescheduled for September 10th. And the students there said, hey, this is the day before the 20th anniversary of September 11th, which, by the way, these kids weren’t even born at that time, but their lives have been forever altered. As a result of that, they said, let us do something. So they wanted to do something called Patriot’s Day as a theme where everyone would be wearing red, white and blue. And initially it was approved, except on Friday morning, they were told during announcements and first period class that they were not going to move forward with this and everyone should just wear school colors. And some parents asked what happened and some kids asked what happened. And it turns out that according to the school administration, they were concerned that without enough time to let the other team that they were going to play against in football to let them know about this event, that they might be taken by surprise and that they would, quote, could unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently, it being the red, white and blue display. So the implication was that others at the other school or maybe I suppose some at this particular school would be offended by the colors of the American flag in or out of context with 9/11. I spoke to a student also over the weekend who said he spoke with the student leadership side because, remember, this was all being done by students and they were told by a staff member that it could cause some it could be racially insensitive was the language that was used.”