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Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal & Fox News Radio Political Analyst joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to react to President Biden’s NEW sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandate aimed at private companies.

Kraushaar reacted to the new vaccine mandates by saying,

“So Guy, I mean, I think I’m very much an outcome based analyst, and does it work? Do to these regulations. If they go into law, are they going to help people get vaccinated? Are they going to make the country a healthier place? And, you know, look, I think the best case scenario is these regulations. If they get passed in the law, no court challenges, you know, it’ll be like the smoking bans of the 90s and 2000s where people complain, don’t like the change, but they adapt. People get healthier and it’s widely accepted. I think that the maybe more likely outcome is that this will become another political food fight. The remaining holdouts, who, according to all the data we’ve seen polling and the number of the data from the vaccinations, the people who are holding out now on the vaccine are true, true believers or nonbelievers in the vaccine. I mean, I’m a strong advocate of a vaccine. I got vaccinated the second I had the opportunity to. But you can look at this group of holdouts and they’re not sort of on the fence. They are very much ideologically anti covid vaccines. And you can see they’re willing to risk death, as we’ve seen in parts of the country.”