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Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson blasted Biden for purging Trump appointed generals from military panels. Guy called out the White House Press Secretary and President Biden for purging highly qualified and distinguished military generals from serving on military panels.

Guy had this to say,

“H.R. McMaster, the former national security adviser. And our colleague, General Jack Keane. So if they’re going to say that this is about values and qualifications, it’s easy for them to dangle names that everyone is, you know. Oh, yes. Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, they’re political people. We don’t like them. Set that aside, please explain, and President Biden should have to explain. What it is about H.R. McMaster that renders him unqualified to advise. West Point. He attended West Point, he graduated from West Point. He served in the Army for 34 years, he retired as a lieutenant general in the U.S. Army. He oversaw all training in one of his capacities and education for the Army’s infantry, armor and cavalry force. He taught at West Point. For a number of years and just this week, he is receiving a distinguished alumni award from West Point, you’re telling me that man? H.R. McMaster is not qualified. Jen. Or, Mr. President, to serve on this board of advisers, really, what about Jack Keane? Retired four star general army, 37 years of public service. He was acting chief of staff and vice chief of staff of the entire U.S. Army. Over four years, he directed one point five million soldiers and civilians in 120 countries with an annual operating budget of 110 billion dollars. This is from his bio. He’s a decorated combat veteran. He spent a lot of his military time in operational commands. He’s a graduate of the Army War College. You look at what he’s received as citations and medals two defense, distinguished service medals, five legions of merit, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and on and on it goes. You mean to tell me that General Jack Keane is not qualified to serve in this advisory board? No wonder they’re talking about Spicer and Conway. They don’t want to have to answer for these other petty firings, which are all about getting back at Donald Trump. And creating a different. Topic of conversation for us to be angry about and to bicker about.”