(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) tells Brian Kilmeade republicans and democrats feel we had an unconditional surrender in Afghanistan to the Taliban. McCaul says the worst part of the evacuation was violating our military’s credo of no man left behind. McCaul thinks the Biden Administration are deflating the numbers on how many American citizens we left behind and finds it astounding that President Biden could say it is their fault for not getting out. McCaul calls it absolutely disgraceful how we didn’t open the gate for Americans, Afghan allies and a group of Christian schoolgirls who are now in the hands of the Taliban. McCaul also spoke about how the State Department left journalists from Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty who were speaking the truth behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. McCaul says in his positon on the Foreign Affairs Committee, one of the primary functions is to do oversight and investigation into what went wrong with the Afghanistan withdrawal. McCaul said they are relying on whistleblowers who are already approaching the Foreign Affairs Committee.