The Delta variant of COVID-19 is providing cause for concern, as some projection models predict a steady increase in cases through the fall. Currently, the spread of the virus has continued in largely unvaccinated communities across the country and public officials including President Biden are pushing incentives and new solutions to reach out to the vaccine hesitant citizens of America. While vaccines are part of the solution, Americans have seen new pandemic rules pop up in various aspects of their lives. Dr. Syra Madad, Senior Director of the Pathogens Program at New York City Health and Hospitals, joins to discuss new pandemic rules in the NFL and Olympics in response to the Delta variant, the new hotspots for COVID-19 around the world, new questions surrounding vaccine efficacy and weighs in on the guidelines for schools reopening this fall.
After serving more than two years of a three to ten-year sentence, Bill Cosby was freed from prison on June 30, after his sexual assault conviction was tossed out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The state’s high court dropped the disgraced “Cosby Show” star’s sentence after learning about an agreement with a previous prosecutor that prevented him from being charged in the case. FOX Nation host Nancy Grace weighs in on the shocking decision to release Cosby, why she disagrees with it and her new FOX Nation special: “Released: A Bill Cosby Investigation with Nancy Grace.”

Plus, commentary by commentary by former White House speechwriter and Fox News Contributor Marc Thiessen.