Rep. Jim Jordan: “Democrats Love When A Republican Will Attack Other Republicans” Like Cheney & Kinzinger Do

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jim Jordan talked about his removal from the Jan. 6th Commission by Nancy Pelosi & what he thinks about Rep. Adam Kinzinger being chosen in his place.

“A fundamental question needs to be answered: Why wasn’t there a proper security presence here that day? And the only one who can answer that, the only one who had any kind of input or feedback and the information ahead of that was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. So maybe she doesn’t want us bringing that up in these committee hearings. And maybe, my guess is the reason there wasn’t a proper security presence is because of what the Sergeant of Arms said. It’s been reported that he said the Speaker’s office didn’t like the optics of having the National Guard here. And of course, they wouldn’t like the optics because for a summer all last summer, they normalized anarchy and said rioters and looters were peaceful protesters, even though they destroyed businesses, attacked police officers, and they raise money to bail them out of jail. So with that background, you probably weren’t looking at bringing in the proper presence here and have a National Guard here. So my guess is that’s the main reason.”

“You know, Democrats love when a Republican will attack other Republicans. And that’s why you see CNN and MSNBC saying wonderful things and having interviews with with Representative Cheney and Representative Kinzinger. This is all about politics. Everyone sees it for what it is.”