On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Lara Trump discussed Los Angeles going to having an indoor mask mandate even for the vaccinated, and how people may not comply after being told they are not needed in every situation.

“I think it’s always been about control. I think that’s from from day one, that’s what this has all been about. Remember, it was fourteen days to slow the spread. And now here we are over like a year and a half later, and we thought we were out of this, but wait, leave it to Los Angeles to try and drag people back in, California, drags people back into it. I think you’re pointing out exactly why there are so many people in America that are anti-vaccine now. And these are people I’m sure they got flu shots their whole life, and haven’t really thought about it. But when you’re saying, here have the vaccine, but wait, you still got to be masked. We still are going to shut things down. So either it works or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t work, why am I going to bother? Why am I wasting my time with this? It’s very confusing to a lot of people. You say you’re not a scientist. I fancy myself many things. I was very good at chemistry, very good at organic chemistry. That doesn’t make me an expert here. However, I am a reasonable and rational person. And I think the problem is rational people can’t get a handle on all of these arbitrary rules that it seems like they just kind of show back up with no science at all to back them up. So I think it’s become such a frustration for Americans. I’ll be curious to see if people actually comply this round. I think if you try and shut people totally back down, Americans are going to absolutely lose it. I hope we don’t get back to that place. But it would be interesting to see.”