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Janice​ Dean, Senior Meteorologist for FNC & NY Times bestselling author joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to talk about how she was blocked on twitter by a New York State lawmaker after calling out her Cuomo hypocrisy.

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Janice​ Dean explained why she was blocked by the lawmakers saying,

“An assemblywoman yesterday was at a press conference with Governor Cuomo. She a few months ago actually said that he should resign in shame and was on the stage with him side by side talking about, you know, criminal reform, gun control, that kind of thing. And a New York Post reporter said to her, you know, why are you here today? If you think that this governor should resign and she got so angry, furious with her, like that’s an inappropriate subject. No. No, it’s not. And so I went on Twitter and I actually said that. And I addressed her in a couple of tweets two tweets that said this is a totally appropriate question and you should be prepared to answer something like this. And she blocked me. She blocked me. She’s an elected New York representative and she is not allowed to block me. And then when people went and said, why did you block Janice Dean? She would block them, blocking members of people whose families died in nursing homes. She’s blocking them. This is what’s happening. Like they can’t take it.”