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Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the muliti trillion dollar spending bill, Texas State Democrats fleeing to D.C and President Biden equating GOP led voting bills as ‘Jim Crow’

Senator Cornyn responded to Biden’s comments saying,
“Well, it’s just outrageous, demagoguery. You know, you’ve got to be careful when you start equating things with like the Civil War or the Holocaust or Nazi Germany. I mean, these these these metaphors, these analogies are overwrought and they demonstrate the lack of any substance. So I think the president is trying to to appease the radical base that basically doesn’t want the states to have a coequal voice in some of these matters that are committed to them under the Constitution. They believe there is no good idea except the ones that come up with here in Washington, D.C. And they don’t want the states and they certainly don’t want us as individual citizens to be able to make our own choices. They want to call the call the shots.”