On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX)talked about some of the reason why Republicans plan on looking into election integrity in 2022 if they win the House back from the Democrats.

“I think when we have the majority in 2022, we absolutely ought to investigate it. There’s no doubt there was widespread fraud, error and corruption as a result of using the pandemic to lower the standards. And then, of course, HR 1, the number one priority of the Democrat Party, is basically to codify those low standards, those slipshod standards that that were there were no doubt abused. Now I objected, on the basis that those laws, those voting rules, were changed outside of the state legislature. So that alone, it’s kind of like in baseball, if you don’t touch one of the bases you missed first, but you touch second, third and go home, you’re out because you didn’t play by the rules. There’s a reason the body elected by the people of these states are the only ones in power to make those changes because you can play games otherwise. And that’s what happened. So thank God Texas and Georgia and other states are working to shore up election integrity. But it was a disaster. And regardless of where the fraud was and how much and what was the scale and did it tip the scale, would it have changed the outcome? Millions of people felt disenfranchised, millions of people lost. It was a crisis in confidence in the very backbone of our democracy. We consent to be governed and how can you consent and how can you feel good about that if that mechanism, the voting system, is not trustworthy and is full of holes. And that’s where we are. Thank God for the states for federalism, that the states can pick up the slack. But there ought to be basic standards like voter ID to register, like authenticating your mail-in ballot with a signature. There’s just some basic stuff. But if you can show up, show up and vote, the count should be made the day of, those are basic. But you know, with the Democrats playing that race card, that’s Jim Crow, it’s voter suppression of Blacks and other minorities. What a shame.”