(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) tells Brian Kilmeade that Rep Moulton & Rep Ocasio-Cortez saying that the fossil fuel industry and lobbyists opposition are the reason why high speed rails are not being built is fiction. Lummis says it is the democrat party that has been a road block for high speed rails and points to democrat run California as an example of having ridiculous criteria for permits that has led to outrageous costs of building high speed rails. On infrastructure, Lummis says a bipartisan group of senators have put together something that is intriguing to fiscal conservatives and republican and democrat centrists focusing on legitimate infrastructure. It is the far left of the democrat party that is objecting because they want a more expansive term to define things as infrastructure that are not infrastructure at all.

Lummis was alarmed to hear audio of Senator Joe Manchin telling donors he would consider lowering the threshold for ending the filibuster to 55 votes. Lummis says if this were to happen, it would be equivalent to breaking the filibuster and it would create tension and distrust within the senate that would spill over into the years to come.

Plus, Lummis discussed Liz Cheney’s prospects of being re-elected and if she wants Cheney to stay in office.