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Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to talk about why he thinks he’s being blocked from joining the congressional black caucus.

Rep. Donald’s said,
“Yeah, back when I was sworn in, I remember the first week I was in, you know, There was a conversation between myself and a couple of CBC members. And, you know, it came up in our discussion about, you know, would you be interested in joining? I said I would. And they were they were like, OK. And, you know, and I was like, they’re like, oh, we’ll be in touch or whatever happened in the conversation. And then we didn’t hear anything. You know, I had my staff, reach out a couple of times never heard back from them. And then last week the story dropped. So when the story dropped, like it kind of caught me off guard. I was just like, oh, I guess a decision has been made, but there’s never been any conversation between me or anybody in the CBC. And that’s the part I find I, I find I just been messed up. You know, I think, like, you know, a few, you know, a member of Congress. We’re adults, if that’s what you want. If you don’t want me to be a part, then just tell me, like just come directly to me, tell me it doesn’t have to be some informal meeting. But if it were, that would be cool. Give me an opportunity to at least speak on the matter. But if that’s a decision you made, the decision you made, but to hear nothing, you hear some news drop of an anonymous quote from somebody. I don’t know who that person is. You know, to me, that’s just kind of just childish at this point. But that’s where we are right now.”