On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, “Fox News @Night” Anchor Shannon Bream discussed some of the reviews Vice President Harris is getting from her answers with Lester Holt and how she is handling the border crisis.

“The chatter in D.C. has long been that the Vice President and her team were not thrilled about being handed this assignment in a way that makes it look like, well, OK, if the border doesn’t get solved, it’s on her. You know, being Vice President is tricky. You want some assignments, you don’t want to just be going to funerals and junk, but you don’t want the ones that are impossible to solve or appear to be impossible to solve. So she’s getting not great reviews, even from the mainstream media on how she’s handled some of the questions and the trip and everything. So if they’re not 100% praising what she got done down there, there’s some optics they’re going to have to work on.”