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Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor & author of Panic Attack: Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19 joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss concerns over emerging COVID-19 ‘Variants’ and whether the vaccine can provide broad immunity.

Dr. Saphier said,
“Well, Delta or the Indian variant is now at this point, I think it’s reached about 62 different countries and certainly across Asia and Africa, what we know for certain is that it is more contagious or transmissible than the original virus. But most of the variants that have come out have been. And when we talk about variants, we have to note viruses are smart. They they’re going to do everything they can to survive. And so one thing that they do to survive is they mutate to be more transmissible. So that’s exactly what’s happening. Oftentimes when they mutate, they tend to be less severe because if they immediately kill their host or the human, that’s not very good for survivability per variant. So they don’t tend to become more severe. But that’s not to say that they can’t. The biggest concern with these variances, will our immunity be create a wall to stop them, whether it’s from the vaccine or those who have already recovered from infection? And so far, it does seem that immunity from the vaccine specifically, you know, is robust enough against these variants. The only variant that continues to have some concern about reinfection rates is the Brazilian, which I think is now Gamma, which does seem to have a higher infection rate.”