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Byron York, Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor joined The Guy Benson Show to talk about the fight over new proposed election laws in Texas

Byron York said,
“Well, the two of the, two of the provisions that have been talked about a lot is that the Texas bill puts an end to 24 hour voting all round the clock, round the clock voting. And this is a couple of weeks before the election. Twenty four hours voting. And it also puts an end to drive through voting in the same period. And you say to yourself, wow, did Texas have some long history, proud tradition of 24 hour voting and and drive through voting, I didn’t know about this. Well, what happened was these were measures that were put in place in one county, Harris County, which is home to Houston, to deal with the pandemic. So in other words, they date all the way back to last year…… The position of a lot of Republicans are is, is look, the state legislature makes the rules for the election statewide. It is simply not a good idea to have such radically different election rules in one county, Harris County and the rest of the state. Running polls 24 hours a day is impractical and difficult and expensive. So we’re going to have this we’re going to regularize the rules and we’re not going to have 24 hour voting. We’re not going to have drive through voting. So this is now seen by some critics as the new Jim Crow. Now, it did have one measure that was seen as quite racially charged that they’ve now backed down on, which was limiting the hours of voting on the last Sunday before the election.”