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Karol Markowicz, columnist at the New York Post joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to talk about recent rise in antisemitism attacks and violence in America.

Markowicz said,

“To have this happen in America is really sad, but not that surprising seeing where Europe has gone in the last decade or so. But it really crushes me that people are taking the path of hiding and, you know, covering up who they are. I think the better thing is to be brave. And, you know, Barry Weiss wrote a book about anti-Semitism, and in it she she quotes actually I forgot his name, but a Jewish refusenik who said in Russia who said, you can’t teach people to be brave. All you can do is show them how good it feels to be free. And I live by that. I really think that’s what we should be. We should be free and never cover up who we are.”