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Juan Williams, Fox News Analyst, Columnist for The Hill & author of What the Hell Do you Have to Lose joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to recount his time as co-host of the five.

Juan Williams said,

“I think part of it for me, guy, was, you know, I really treasure the idea of the viewers, the people who are tuned in and, you know, even people who are right wing would say to me when they encountered me at a ballgame or in the train station airport, they would say, you know, I don’t agree with you, buddy, but I do like you. And I think what you say helps me, because when I go to the water cooler the next day, I know where those people are coming from, or I’ve heard that argument, you know what I mean? And so they had a value attached. But what happened, I think, is as things have become more thermic and tough, I think that I had more thoughts about, wow, this is hard work. This is this is not only a grind in terms of having to go up to New Yor, but it’s just it’s wearing on me. And I don’t want ever to be at a point where I’m not, you know, fresh and able to do this job with a laugh in my voice.”

Williams added,

“I do feel some sadness today because I love the audience and I’m not sure that they love me. But they were entertained by me. And you know, and so I’m listening to you and I thought, you know, Guy’s on to something here. There’s something to say. It’s a grind. But when the grind becomes something that is tearing at you, then you start to figure maybe it’s time like, just think about things and open the door to the next phase and the next part of the journey.”