On Fox Across America, Fox Nation’s Johnny Joey Jones explained why Tim Tebow signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end makes sense for Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer.

“Urban Meyer is the greatest college football coach there’s ever been. So if you’re going to bring in the best coach that’s probably ever coached college football you’re going to bring in the most highly touted quarterback since before Peyton Manning. So you’re going to take these two guys are going to put them in a place that is not known for winning, that has a whole host of problems. What are you going to have? You going to have press at your door every single day, analyzing everything you do. You’re going to have a rookie quarterback to try to protect his head so he can learn and have the opportunity to. You’ve got a coach whose ego is going to have to be nurtured because he doesn’t think he can lose no matter what he’s doing. Why not bring in Tim Tebow to draw all the question-askers and all the cameras over. All the attention’s on Tim Tebow. People have already forgotten who Trevor Lawrence is. They don’t know that Urban Meyer ever coached football before, but they know Tim Tebow. And I think that’s a great move at a really low price. It sounds like the right thing to do to me.”