On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox and Friends Weekend Co-Host Pete Hegseth explained why Liz Cheney lost her leadership role in the GOP and why the decision to vote her hout show more unity than division in the Republican Party.

“The whole infighting narrative, which is running wall to wall on CNN and MSNBC, is they want a distraction, they want the perception of infighting. And it’s actually, as everything the left does, it’s the exact opposite. This is a reflection of the reality of the modern Republican Party, which whether or not Trump runs in 2024 or not, will be on the Trump agenda. And we’re under siege so much that the idea that we can tolerate in leadership someone who perpetually wants to run with the left’s narratives, especially as it pertains to January 6th and keep relitigating and talking about that, which is ultimately become such a dangerous justification for the left, it’s just common sense. No one saying Liz Cheney hasn’t voted decently at certain times, but the reality is she is completely out of step with where the party is now, which wants to put America first, which isn’t going to cave to what the left wants to be talking about, and that’s a good thing. So, move on, she’s out, and she probably won’t win in Wyoming anyway.”