On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Lara Trump talks about how Democrats and the Biden family are actually guilty of all the times they claim the Trump family has done.

“Everything Democrats do is a projection. The reality is anything that they have accused Republicans of doing, they, in fact, themselves are doing. We can go down the line. I don’t know how much time we have on the show, but we could run the gamut, literally anything that they have accused our family of doing, it turns out the Biden family is doing. All Republicans are all racist, I’m sorry, most of these policies and ideas that the Democrats are trying to roll out in and of themselves are racist ideas. So I don’t know where they get off doing this. It is a projection and it’s crazy. Right now we are seeing the high gas prices we have seen since 2014. People are waiting in gas lines. They are running out of gas. And as it relates to Russia, they were desperate to say that we colluded with Russia in 2016 to win the election. Now, the bottom line is we couldn’t have colluded with Iowa had we tried. But because we were a very grassroots, I like to say, campaign. None of us had a whole lot of political experience, but we had a lot of heart. And I’m telling you, we had it. And it’s what got us across the finish line. They tried desperately to say we colluded with Russia, that Donald Trump wasn’t tough enough on Russia. Yet we see now it’s under the Biden administration that there are major issues, Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, they got three and a half million dollars, don’t forget, from the mayor of Moscow’s wife. What is that all about? Are we ever going to hear more about it? Probably not, because the media covers it all up for the Bidens. It’s really crazy stuff that is happening now.”