On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson talked about some of the horrible things the left has said about Sen. Tim Scott and why Democrats feel entitled to support from certain voting blocs.

“Tim Scott is a substantive, extremely warm, nice guy, who’s a strong communicator. This is not some one-off fluke. He crushed it at the Republican convention, too. He was just amazing. He’s got a great story to tell. He’s humble. He really wants to help make things better and solve problems. And he is now experiencing, as he has throughout his career, but it’s on the biggest stage ever, some of the really ugly, rank bigotry of people on the left who cannot handle minorities, whether ethnic or racial minorities or sexual minorities or whatever the list might be, many of them on the hardcore left believe that they are entitled to certain groups’ votes. And if certain members of those groups don’t think the right way or vote the right way or wander off of the script, the venom directed at them is really a sight to behold. And we have been beholding it now for the better part of a week, whether it was social media, nasty slurs trending or the slur from the Democratic official in Texas, all these incoming attacks from people trying to kind of ‘whitesplain’ blackness to Tim Scott.”