On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Ben Domenech explains why teachers’ unions are actually doing more hard than good to students in the era of COVID.

“Teachers’ unions clearly do not care about the prospects of these kids. Keep in mind that the damage that we know that this does, the loss of a school year of in-person learning is effectively the difference for many of these children between whether they will eventually get a high school diploma or not, and especially the fact that it falls so overwhelmingly on minority and working class kids across the country shows the lie of every time that they bring up systemic racism, and all this critical race theory and the like. It just is a display of how brazen they are that they can complain about those same things, at the same time that we see as recently as February, the majority of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans and of Asian-Americans in public schools were not experiencing full time learning. They were still going through everything, many of them they were experiencing full at-home learning. And for everything that we know about the attendance factors and the early reports that we’ve seen from the perspective of a local area, for instance, early reports out of Nashville to that they’ve seen a level of drop out among graduating candidates, meaning people who are in their final year of high school, that is higher by a factor of 20%. That is insane. These kids are ruining their lives.”