On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Leo Terrell explained why Sen. Tim Scott’s Republican response speech was a “lightning bolt” for politics, which is why Democrats hate Sen. Scott so much.

“The mindset is very simple for the Democrats. If they don’t have a 90-plus percent of black votes, there’s no party there. And Donald Trump was a threat to that because more black males voted for Trump than ever before as far as a Republican, and that’s why Tim Scott is a nightmare for the Democrats. They hate him.”

“I’ll say right now, Tim Scott was a lightning bolt last week. That was a response speech and that story still has legs. You’re still talking about it. And I’ll tell you right now, as far as a potential threat to the Democratic Party and the framework, Tim Scott is by leaps and bounds, because he is a possible candidate in 2024, or a running mate. And I’ll tell you right now, that 90-percent black vote of the Democratic Party, expect to lose about a third to maybe even more if he ran or was on the ticket. No question about it.”