Rep. Ashley Hinson: Democrats Are “Truly Afraid” Of Sen. Scott’s Message From Republicans

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) explained why she thought Democrats were so quick to criticize Sen. Tim Scott’s positive message about America when responding to President Biden’s address to Congress.

“I think his story is so inspiring to Americans and I think that’s what they’re truly afraid of, that they are going to hear the message coming from Republicans, the counter-message that we care about the Constitution, our values, and our liberties and the pursuit of the American dream versus you saw last night, that vision of more government and the heavy hand of government in our lives. So I think they are terrified about Senator Scott and the women who are making grounds on the Republican side. I’m part of a record breaking class of Republican freshman women. When I look at my class, I’m like wow this class is fabulous, we’re women, we’re minorities were veterans coming into Congress. And that truly tells the story of this country and opportunity. And they are terrified of that and what it means for the Republican Party and inspiring people all over this country. Republicans’ vision of freedom is absolutely right for America. And I thought President Biden’s big government agenda was wrong.”