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Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss Biden’s address to congress, Biden’s agenda and 2024 rumors.

Christie said,

“I thought it was pretty lackluster. And the president’s presentation, I don’t think, was anything that’s going to draw people to his cause. But that’s really the less important part. The most important part was what he was proposing for the American people. That’s the largest expansion of government, he’s proposing since the New Deal. And I hope people understand what he’s proposing. And I want to ask them this question. Do you really trust the federal government to run every part of the economy and be invading every part of your life? Because if you do, Joe Biden is your guy. But last night was you know, I said this last night on TV that, you know, the words of that speech sounded like a 15 year old who you gave a credit card to with no limit. But the words actually came out of an adult who should know better. And, you know, University of Pennsylvania has studied this plan. They’re hardly a bastion, as you know, of conservative thought. Right, and they said that it will create no new net jobs and will cause an eight tenths of one percent decline in GDP. So this is not going to be good for the economy. It’s not going to be good for jobs. And it’s going to spend us into a situation where our great grandchildren are going to be paying off this debt if they’re lucky.”