Listen To Guy’s Full Break Down Of Senator Scott’s Rebuttal Below:

Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson analyzed Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s joint address to congress.

Guy Benson said,

“The Republican response, always a very difficult task, always thankless, or at least often the moment and the grandeur of the presidential stage is often sort of the brightest lights in politics. And then you’re supposed to follow that off in a closet somewhere with awkward lighting and try to connect with people. It’s very hard and people sometimes flop. A lot of people are fine, but instantly forgettable. Last night, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who’s been a guest on this program several times, was a star. I thought he was magnificent. I think he really did an excellent, excellent job. It was well crafted. It was well delivered. The good cheer and kindness of the man shone through and let’s remember, he delivered at the RNC his speech he gave in primetime. In the summer of 2020 was superb. This was also terrific. His personal warmth was clear, his personal story is powerful. His faith was very clear, he was explicit about it.”