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Steve Hayes, Fox News Contributor and Editor and CEO of The Dispatch joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss allegations that then secretary of state under President Obama John Kerry informed the Iranian foreign minister of Israeli operations in Syria.

Hayes sounded off on the controversy saying,

“Yeah, I think it’s a big deal, to be blunt about it. And I think it’s a big deal for two primary reasons. One is the John Kerry disclosures, apparent disclosures to Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, disclosing, what were U.S. allied military actions in Syria, Israel, military action in Syria at a time that Zarif didn’t know, Kerry was telling Zarif things that he didn’t know. The original New York Times said that Zarif characterized his own reception of this information as to his astonishment. They later quoted Zarif, making clear that he was surprised to learn this. So you’ve seen a lot of people trying to defend John Kerry saying, oh, look, some of this was reported. They knew it all along. Of course, the Iranians knew what the Israelis were up to in Syria. The Iranians have good intelligence in Syria because they have a presence there. The bottom line is Zarif himself, the foreign minister of Iran, said in an interview that was meant to be internal. And I think that’s a really key point, is he didn’t expect that this was that this interview was ever going to be seen by the public. This was an internal oral history done by the regime, and it was conducted by a regime friendly economist.”