On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie explained why he thought former President Trump’s chances of running for President again are “70-30” after President Biden’s performance during his first 100 days.

“I’d say 70-30 in favor of him doing it again. I believe that he is seeing in the first 100 days, just like you and I are, we’re seeing with our own two eyes what Biden is doing to America and how they’re dividing our country more than unifying our country, how they are creating policies that are going to destroy our economy, not grow our economy. I think that he’s going to watch this. He is spending his time every day to win back the House of Representatives, which if we are successful in that, and I think we will be, we shorten Joe Biden’s presidency from four years to two.”

“But I believe that Donald Trump is looking to win back the House, shorten Joe Biden’s presidency, win back some Senate seat, win some more governor’s mansions and pick up seats in that and state houses across the country. And then post-midterms, he’s going to have the time to be able to make that decision as to whether or not he wants to run again. I think he believes if he is physically and mentally in good shape, like he is today, I think he has a high degree of likelihood that he could run.”