On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) discussed why he thinks Vice President Harris is afraid to visit the southern border and addressed the controversy over LeBron James’ tweets about police.

“How about Maxine Waters’ rhetoric? I mean, talk about inciting violence. Justice was served, our criminal justice system worked. I just saw today, this police officer that defended another woman from being stabbed and has every right to respond to threats of bodily injury, that was absolutely appropriate behavior by this police officer, and LeBron texts out almost 50 million Twitter followers, ‘you’re next’ and that just incites more violence in my judgment.”

“I know this border probably better than most up here. I went down to the Rio Grande Valley sector, a couple of weeks ago, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it. And the saddest thing is that it was self-inflicted. I think the President’s reversal by executive order of President Trump’s policies when it came to Remain in Mexico and these asylum cooperation agreements that we had with Central America, and when he rescinded those, it did send a signal to the traffickers, hey, we’re open for business. Come on in. Now they’re making fifteen million dollars a day, about a half a billion a month. And the saddest thing to me is seeing the little kids down there without their parents. The parents gave them to the traffickers and they’re all by themselves. They have no idea where they are. It’s a humanitarian crisis. And the President can can stop this by the stroke of the pen. He created it. He could stop it with the stroke of a pen as well. Kamala Harris is afraid to go down there because of optics. The President won’t go down there, but I don’t think they had any idea what they were doing when he signed an executive order.”