On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Lisa Boothe explained why she thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci should no longer give interviews about the COVID vaccine and why he has been giving conflicting messages about the protocols after a person gets vaccinated.

“If he’s telling people that a vaccine isn’t the ticket to freedom, then why are people going to want to get the vaccine? And then secondly, why are we forcing people to get a vaccine for a virus that has a .15% fatality rate, which is slightly higher than the flu, and then target a very specific demographic of the country, which are people that are obese, have comorbidities or the elderly population? So it makes no sense and it makes no sense for younger people to be coerced into getting the vaccine when the fatality rate for them is, I think, either equivalent to the flu or less. So none of this makes sense. And yet we had people trying to coerce folks into getting a vaccine that isn’t even FDA approved yet. Now, consensus says that it’s safe. My parents got it, I’m glad that they got it. I think people who are high-risk should get it to protect themselves. But that being said, it’s still under federal emergency use authorization. It’s not been FDA approved. So we’ve just reached this place of chaos where COVID has become a religion for some people where any sort of common sense data science is all being cast aside for this ‘religion’ that Dr. Fauci is the leader of. And I think that he is so obsessed with the attention and the fame that he has gotten that he wants to keep hanging on to it because it’s certainly to the detriment of the country and it’s not for our own well-being. He wants to keep extending his 15 minutes of fame. I don’t think anyone should have him on TV. I think he’s too reckless and has been wrong about too much. I think he should be cast aside and not ever allowed to be on TV.”