The FDA and CDC’s recent recommendation to pause the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine created a lot of concern and confusion among millions of Americans.

The news came after reports of six women of the almost 7-million who received the J&J shoot suffered severe blood clots.

FOX News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel is on the frontlines and has been fighting the Covid crisis for a year. He spoke to host Jessica Rosenthal earlier this week on the Rundown to discuss the pause and the issue of vaccine hesitancy.

As Dr. Siegel told Jessica, there were millions of Americans reluctant about getting the vaccine even before the J&J news broke.

Dr. Siegel explained what he is telling his patients about the J&J shot, what this means for the our country’s overall fight against the virus and what factors have been driving America’s vaccine hesitancy problem.

The interview was too long and we could not include it all in our original segment. On the FOX NEWS Rundown, you will hear our entire interview FOX News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel.