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Chris Wallace, Anchor of Fox News Sunday joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the new push by the left to pack the court. Wallace also weighed in on the 60 minutes report on Florida Governor Ron DeSanctis (R) over his states vaccine rollout.

Chris Wallace said,

“Yeah, I did. Of course I followed it, in fact. And I don’t watch 60 Minutes every week, but I happen to watch that story and thought, boy, that’s a pretty good story. I thought they did a good job. And then I learned, you know, the rest of the story, which was the fact that in a news conference, DeSantis the governor gave a pretty full answer. You can argue with it whether you agree with it or not, but a much fuller answer than was played on the air as to why he decided to give one drug chain Publix, the exclusive right to dispense the vaccine in the early days. And, you know, the implication I don’t think it was an implication, accusation by 60 Minutes was that was pay to play that Publix had given big campaign contributions to DeSantis and other Republicans. And so as a result, they got this franchise. Well, the story is much more complicated than that. And he had given a much more nuanced and complicated and substantive answer. DeSantis said to the reporter, they didn’t play that. So, you know, look, we don’t, We can’t just simply put on everything that a public official says. You know, you have a limited piece. You have limited time. The New York Times newspapers don’t do it. Television doesn’t do it. You edit, but you got to edit responsibly and you’ve got to give somebody his say. And I think it’s fair to say that that 60 Minutes failed at that in terms of accurately reflecting the defense of Governor DeSantis.”