(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Chris Christie tells Brian Kilmeade he is not worried about the democrats packing the Supreme Court. Christie says if FDR couldn’t pull it off then he’s sure as heck not worried about Jerry Nadler and Ed Markey. When asked about Rep. Ro Khanna’s proposal of having term limits on Supreme Court justices, Christie says that would be unlikely to happen because judges at the federal level are appointed for life and it would take a Constitutional Amendment to change that. Christie also spoke about telling the House members at the Republican Study group the need to stop fighting among ourselves because it is destructive for the party and country and hurts their chances of winning back the majority in 2022. Christie also insisted that republicans stop calling what President Biden is saying about the Georgie voting law untrue. Christie says the President needs to be called out for lying and stoking racial divisions in the country to benefit the democrats.