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Indiana Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to describe his recent tip to the U.S Mexico southern border, where he saw first hand the surge of illegal immigrants at the boarder.

Senator Braun described the trip saying,

“The biggest thing I got out of the visit was when the welcome mat was kind of put out there from the campaign among Democrats stressing that surge to the border. Everybody kind of be for it. Sometimes you got to see it to believe it. And we get down there on Thursday evening late. The first thing we do is take the long, winding road down to the Rio Grande itself, start seeing this endless stream of migrants, mostly children, young women coming across the middle of the night, get down to the river itself, see the flashlights of the coyotes, the smugglers. They knew something was up. They started heckling the Border Patrol and I said, what are they saying? They said, hey, regardless of what you do, we’re going to keep coming.”