On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Joe Concha explains why Major League Baseball’s decision to take the All-Star Game out of Georgia could lead to other events being pulled from red states and moved to blue ones.

“They’re not going to stop here. If a line isn’t drawn in the sand here, every sporting event that happens in Georgia or Texas or Arizona or Florida, basically red states, they’re all going to put pressure on those major sports to move stuff out of those states and into blue states. And no one’s going to stop them because these stupid corporations, they react without thinking. With Delta, how could you possibly ignore the fact that you ask for ID to get on your planes, Coca-Cola, who’s now in the alcohol business, same thing. So you go to a liquor store, you’re going to let a 12 year old buy a six pack of whatever you’re selling on the alcohol line? No, of course not. So just to call this restrictive is utterly ridiculous. And no one is held to account. They just make these decisions and that’s it. So these corporate CEOs now are becoming the most powerful lobbyists you’ll find in Washington. It’s scary.”