On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) explains why he thinks Democrats actually want fraud during elections and why President Biden has no solutions for the border crisis and other problems America is facing.

“Joe Biden, he won’t go down to the border. If you were the leader and there’s a problem, call it what you want, you go down and you solve the problem. Name one problem he solved. He solved no problems. He’s not solving the immigration problem, the border security problem, the opening schools problem, he’s causing problems, shut down the Keystone pipeline, killed thousands and thousands of jobs. Look at all these agenda items. Men playing women’s sports. We didn’t elect him to do these things. So it’s a pretty frustrating time. The thing about Kamala Harris, you put her in charge of the border? Here’s a person that laughs about going to the border, she’s supposed to be in charge. It just doesn’t make any sense what’s going on right now.”

“What the Democrats want to say is anything that improves election security is racist. Anything that we do to do that is suppression of votes. No, it’s not. People want to have state elections. Everybody should have an ID if you want to vote. You have to have that ID to rent a car, are the car companies racist? You have to have an ID to cash a check, are the banks racist? They’re not racist. They don’t want fraud. I don’t want fraud. Zero fraud. So you need to have an ID. If you’re going to do it by absentee ballot, your signature’s got a match. I mean, it’s simple. You shouldn’t have unmonitored ballot boxes. What the Democrats want is they want fraud. And so they have this big lie that whatever we do to make elections safer, then Republicans are racist. No, we’re not. I mean, we’re people that care that your vote should not ever be diluted.”