On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Karl Rove discussed why former President Trump criticizing his own party at CPAC will not help Republicans down the road, and also gave his tale about whether Governor Andrew Cuomo will survive the various scandals that have completely overtaken his administration.

“I recognize that America is open to giving people a second chance, but they only give a second chance to the happy warrior. And this is not a happy warrior. And yet, yesterday he made it even worse by basically saying, I’m going to go on a jihad against people whom I consider to be weak Republicans. And he criticizes the Republican appointees to the Supreme Court and then named names, starting with Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, who worked his way down. And a civil war is not going to benefit anybody on the Republican side. The only people who are going to benefit from that kind of warfare led by the former president of the United States are the Democrats sitting in the White House. And on some level, a growing number of people are going to react negatively to that. Is he still popular? You bet. Is he is he the de facto leader of the Republican Party? He sure is. But this is not the way a true leader acts.”

“Andrew, you’re embarrassing yourself. We’ve unleashed the #MeToo era has all these people who are ready and willing to condemn Brett Kavanaugh with an unreliable witness came forward and made accusations that were unsupportable. Now we have two relatively credible staffers who stepped forward and sort of mutually reinforce the picture we’re developing of Andrew Cuomo. And I think he’s unfortunately now going to be the subject of an independent investigation that’s going to be tough and perhaps conclusive. And I think it’s unlikely that Andrew Cuomo is going to win a fourth term as the governor of the state of New York.”