Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL): Impeachment Shows How “Vapid And Miniscule” Democrats’ Ideas Are

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) explains what is the real reason for the Democrats for wanting a second impeachment trial for former President Trump and talks about his fellow member of Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“It’s like the media and the Democrats have Stockholm Syndrome. They’ve been trying to get rid of Trump for four years. He’s now gone, and now they just can’t get enough, like they need to constantly go back to the well. I think in some respects, in a very weird way, it gives them relevance. And what it also demonstrates is frankly how vapid and how minuscule their ideas really are when you got rid of a person you said was a stain on America, which is a lie. But that being said, he’s no longer President. Now move on, do your jobs and they can’t get enough. They have to go back to the well because it’s the only thing that’s really given them relevance.”

“I really felt for her because for the first time in the history of Congress, we are, quote unquote, holding somebody accountable for something they said, forget that they got elected, before they were even a candidate for Congress. And I talked to Marjorie. I don’t agree with what Marjorie said, but Marjorie said those things. Marjorie has apologized, unlike Ilhan Omar, who still hasn’t apologized for some of the radical things she has said. And her party didn’t disappoint her. As a matter of fact, they put out that weak censure statement that pulled her name out of it and just said, well, we just don’t like the bad things are being said, so as a body, we just want to stand for people being nice to each other or whatever the document said when it was Ilhan Omar, who said vile things as a member of Congress.”