On Fox News Radio's Guy Benson Show, Josh Holmes, Former Chief of Staff and campaign manager to U.S. Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell spoke about President Trump's second impeachment and The Prospects Of Congress Formally Censuring President Trump.

Josh Holmes said,

"I think that's probably right. I think there would be an awful lot more because of the weight that's given to impeachment and, you know, sort of the rarity of it. And, of course, there's rarity, as you mentioned, to a censure as well. I think that the biggest piece that they're going to have to figure out, whether it's impeachment or censure, what have you, is how do you lay a marker for future generations for future presidents that a systematic campaign to sort of undermine either an election or an American institution under false pretenses that ultimately results in, you know, what is violence in some kind of a revolt that that has real consequences. Right. That there there are hard line there that Congress will not adhere to. And I think they got to figure out how to answer that question because, look, this is politics isn't getting better. We're you know, the idea that we're all just going to sort of revert back to a 2000 or 1996 version of politics where we're worried about is the president's conduct in the Oval. It's just not going to happen, like we're going to be in troubled waters for a period of time. And I think it's important that we lay down some serious markers about what we're willing and not willing to tolerate."

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