On Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) to talk about his new role as chairman of the NRSC and his decision to object to certifying Pennsylvania’s electors.

Senator Rick Scott said,

“I’m tired of what’s going on in this country where what we sit here and we watch when people don’t follow the law, and then what happens afterwards? We say, oh, let’s go, let’s go. Just, let’s do an investigation afterwards and nothing happens. I said I had to fight. I had to fight where where Chuck Schumer. Sent a lawyer down, and said, I don’t care. I’m going to win through the courts. I had unbelievable number lawsuits. I had to go two recounts. And then people say, well, you know, you know, we’ll look at something afterwards. No, we have got to start standing up to make sure everybody in this country believes these elections are fair. In Pennsylvania, they did not follow their laws. And that’s wrong. And I am very comfortable what I did.”

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