On Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show, Jonah Goldberg, Editor in chief of TheDispatch.com and FNC Contributor spoke

Jonah Goldberg said,

“Donald Trump’s main offense here isn’t that he incited people to riot by saying show strength or any of that kind of stuff. It’s that starting with a premeditated plan that goes back to before the election, he wanted to steal an election that he lost fairly and he convinced millions of people and so did a lot of people who aided and abetted him, convinced millions of people that the election was stolen when that was a lie, a lie that did not stand scrutiny in a single courtroom. And so you tell people that the Democrats are stealing the election. That’s a fraud. It’s a fake. They stole it from us. And not only that, but Joe Biden is a communist dupe and all of these things. And you know that there are groups out there who are planning to come to Washington and use violence. And you know that even people who aren’t planning it believe your lie. And then you say go down and make yourself heard, and if Mike Pence doesn’t do right by us, he’ll be selling the country down the river. It is utterly foreseeable that you would get something like what we saw last last week.”

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