On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) describes what could happen if Democrats have control of the Senate, House and the White House if Republicans win the special Senate elections in Georgia, and explains why he wants to send Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi back to California.

"I want to give her a one-way ticket to California and back her refrigerator, and her ice cream. And hopefully we can do that. Pelosi and Schumer and Harris will make America look like New York and California. And the first thing they will do, it won't be sanctuary cities or defunding police, all those other pieces. They'll get to that eventually. The first thing she'll do is lock down power. She did it. Look at look up H.R. 1, the first bill she passed after becoming Speaker that would have nationalized zero-identification for any voter, would have made it illegal for states to require identification to vote, dropped the voting age from eighteen to sixteen, same day registration, illegal aliens can vote. It passed the House under Pelosi, unfortunately, but with Republicans controlling the Senate, it died. But if they have control of the Senate too, those kind of things will become law. And we won't be able to rely on the Supreme Court because they're going to stack the court and then they're going to add two more senators in the Senate and they will make it so that it's impossible for Republicans to come back and then they'll start passing all of their progressive legislation. And that's what's at stake on January 5th."