The CEOs of Facebook and Twitter were grilled during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week over big tech censoring conservative views. Host of MediaBuzz on the Fox News Channel and the MediaBUZZmeter podcast, Howard Kurtz joins the Fox News Rundown to discuss this week's big tech hearing and if social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be regulated. He also weighs in on how the media cover President-Elect Joe Biden versus how they cover President Trump and what the media landscape will look like in a post-Trump era.

An daily average of more than 1,200 Americans have died this past week due to the coronavirus. A record number of people are in the hospital with it. These alarming numbers have many Governors releasing new coronavirus restrictions just in time for the holidays. Chris Wallace, Host of Fox News Sunday, joins to discuss the ongoing political fights over lockdowns, concerns over how a delayed transition can impact the pandemic fight and how the health crisis is impacting his Thanksgiving.

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