Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the Georgia senate runoff elections and the urgent need to pass additional PPP for small business’s struggling amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Senator Rubio blasted Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock (D) for refusing to answer if he attend an anti American Fidel Castro event at his church. Rubio said,

“Fidel Castro gave an anti-American speech. I mean, just blasting and ripping the country right there in Harlem, attacking the United States in the United States. And then he kind of closed it out by leading the group assembled and singing of the Hymn Internationale, which is the global socialist hymn. Now, why does it matter today? It’s pretty simple. When he was asked a question, he saw an opportunity to do this. He should say, you know, I repudiate Fidel Castro, I repudiate what he stood for and so forth. You know why he doesn’t do it? I can’t tell you what he believes about Fidel Castro, but what I am certain of is this the reason why he won’t do it and others like him won’t do it is because they want the people who think Fidel Castro is a great guy and it’s good to vote for them. They want the people who associate with Marxism and socialism to vote for them. They want to vote because there are people that are Marxist and that are socialists that are a key part of the activist and donor base of the Democratic Party. I’ve said this before. Not all Democrats are socialists. Some of the people I work with, the closest against socialism are Democrats like Bob Menendez in New Jersey. But all socialists are Democrats, and that includes people who are elected openly socialist. But they caucus with the Democrats and they’re not just, you know, fringe members. I mean, some of these are the People magazine covers. These are the people who raise a lot of money online. These are the influencers. These are the people the media pays attention to. And in many cases, it’s the people that are putting up candidates to primary and take out sitting Democratic members of Congress. So it’s a vibrant part of their base. He doesn’t want to upset them. And that’s why, at a minimum is and I can’t tell you whether he sympathizes with Castro or not, but what I can tell you for certain is the people who do sympathize, sympathize, not just the Castro, but with Marxism and socialism. He wants the votes. He needs their vote in order to win.”

Senator Rubio also lambasted democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for not trying to reach a deal for the ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ (PPP) for small business before the holiday shopping season. Saying,

“The issue here is very simple. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are saying you either spend two trillion dollars or something close to it and do all of these other things or we do nothing at all. We will not allow PPP to happen on its own. That’s the stance they’ve taken. That’s the stance they’ve taken now. And the result of that is that as we get into November, December, as you well pointed out, now, there are states and communities that are announcing restrictions. I just saw, I think it was Ohio announced a curfew for small business, for retailers and small business, the month of November and December are key months. It’s where they make a substantial percentage of their year long revenue. They’re going to be closed for that period of time. They are going to disappear. Some of them barely survived. The first wave are barely hanging on now. They’re going to get wiped out. These are family businesses, third or fourth generation in many cases. And the jobs that come along with them are going to be wiped out as well. That’s the real world implications of it. And and, you know, you asked the question, I don’t know when that fever breaks and people come to their senses, but we’re going to keep trying because someone’s got to try to do something. I wake up every day just desperate to get something done because I personally know people who will not exist as a business two months from now if we don’t help them.”

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