Guy Benson opened up The Guy Benson Show with a passionate monologue about the hypocrisy of many Democrat leaders who impose strict COVID restrictions but don’t follow their own guidelines. Guy said,

“I think you’re starting to see a lot of Americans get extremely frustrated in tune it out. And I think there are a few factors behind that as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have politicians saying, sorry, everyone, you can’t celebrate these very important family holidays and traditions the way that you normally do. You have to cancel plans. You have to not do this. You have to not do that. You need to stay at home. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t. And many Americans remember, OK, they told us that we had to do this a few months ago and we did it. And it kept changing, right, what they were expecting of us, what the goalposts were, where the goal line was kept moving. So I think people are suspicious of that. They also see a lot of hypocrisy. And you might say, well, if you look at these major examples, they may have gotten a lot of attention, but they’re relatively few and far between, if you really think about it. The problem is if you have a big examples from the speaker of the House sneaking around, getting, you know, black market blowouts without a mask in her, you know, haircut or whatever. And you have the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, engaged in a ton of hypocrisy, including some of the involvement of his brother, of course. You see celebrities getting a special. Pass, right, a little asterisk where they get to come into New York and ignore some of the quarantine guidelines so they can do an award show. You have mayors like Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago violating her own guidance, showing up at the Biden celebrations in the streets and saying, well, yeah, but those would have happened anyway, regardless of whether or not I participated. Plus, they were all wearing masks. But here I am tweeting a video of me screaming into a bullhorn without a mask. People notice that stuff. People notice the governor of California going to an extremely fancy. Restaurant called the French Laundry, where I’ve had the pleasure of going once right before my wedding, it is a very, very, very high end spot, is a big birthday party. It was not in alignment with a lot of the guidance that his own offices put out. And the guidance is getting stricter now he shows up for a nice birthday party with a bunch of people, he’s at least have the dignity, if you can call it that, to apologize and own up to it. Whereas some of these mayors are like now and governors, I do what I want. It would happen anyway, they just make these excuses for themselves. Mayor Bouser here in D.C., she wanted to go to Joe Biden’s big victory speech celebration in Delaware. Delaware is a state that’s on the flag list in D.C. So if you go there and come back, you have to quarantine. But she says not me. No, no. I’m essential this is essential travel, I’m exempted. And when you have one after another of these instances crop up and get a lot of attention, it is reasonable, I think, for a lot of people to say hold up. They keep changing the. The sort of the end date, right, they they keep changing the terms of this agreement, they’re asking us to go through more pain. They’re asking us to go through more sacrifice after a miserable year. They’re asking us to do it at the holidays. And it seems like the people in charge, at least some of them, play by different rules than the ones that they’re imposing on the rest of us. So what you have as a result is a crisis of credibility.”

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